Sena 30K can't multi-task



  • Allan Goldman
    Allan Goldman

    Sorry to hear you are still having issues with your 30K Chris.  I have to say that I'm not totally sold on the technology myself although not for the reasons you are describing.  It really sounds like you may have a defective unit.  I've ridden both my old 20s and my 30k in pouring rain and surprisingly had no issues.  I do ride touring bikes with fairings.  As for multitasking, I regularly ride with a combination of 20s and 30k riders.  I'm able to communicate, listen to music and answer calls with no issues.  I do agree that range sucks and also what I have found is when the connection isn't ideal, the older BT technology works way better than the digital mesh.  I'm looking forward to the next release with hopes that Sena will further improve this product.

  • Phil Parker
    Phil Parker

    Sena Better Get Their Act Together

    I run a sport touring group on Facebook with 4000 very active members, and for years, I had talked about Sena with glowing regards.  I've had a bunch of Sena products, but there is one very disturbing trend that has gotten totally out of control.  The first is the pre-announcement of product - some years out.  Their noise cancelling helmet was a joke, but the 30K was yet another pre-announced product.  And then when they finally launched the product - the specs where extremely vague with very little specifics - so much so that Revzilla altered their description to be more detailed and to limit the returns. But the thing that has kept me quiet on all Sena products there days is how the product is not ready when it is released and product marketing seems to be clueless as to market needs.  This 30K has been a disaster.  I lost $50 by buying the 30K - and that was almost a year after it first become available.  I know it's better now, but if Apple were to do what Sena now does on a regular basis - there would be a riot and their stock value would plummet.  And to make matters worse - their customer support has taken a serious dive.  I"m sorry - but I can no longer recommend Sena.  I am seeing way more forum members move over to Cardio - and I mean way more.  I simply can't defend Sena any longer.  


    over the past 2 years, the reputation of Sena has become more and more tarnished by the behavior of Sena.  They continue to release vaporware that is years late, and when it is released, the firmware quality and specifications have been horrible at best.  Even their specs are misleading.  I have noticed that even Revzilla had to rewrite their product definition to keep product from coming back.  I was so horrified to find out that the 3

  • Tim Snyder
    Tim Snyder

    Version 2 of the firmware for the 30K added the option for audio multi-tasking on the Bluetooth communication channel. This feature does not work. I submitted a ticket 2 months ago and the Sena engineers were able to replicate the problem. I have been told they are working on it. They still have not released a fix.

    The problem is this - when connecting a phone or Freewire using the 30K's Phone 1 channel, you cannot talk on the Bluetooth channel with a paired 30K. Pushing the jog dial has no effect on the problem.

    I found that audio multi-tasking works on the mesh channel, but the audio level is so low, I can't hear the music well enough to enjoy it.

    There were a few comments about the weather resistance. My wife and I remove the units from our helmets and stow them when riding in the rain so we we don't ruin them. 


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