SC1? Is it any good?????



  • J.Schäfer

    This newest software still is crap, with vox sensitivity high you still have to yell to switch on. I think the microphone is misplaced, too, just to increase the problem. If I knew all this before (long term Schuberth customer) I would NEVER EVER have thrown away so much money...

  • Ifurman68

    I lost any hope in Sena ever going to fix this POS. Don't make a mistake! Stay away from SC1!!!! It's the worst BT device I've ever seen, and I'm using BT headsets for 15 years

  • Tim Michael
    Tim Michael

    I am not happy with it at all! the SC1 is the Old 10U from sena. the possibilities suck and the performance too. I went from the 20s and a C3 zu the C4 and SC1 Advanced. What a mistake! 

    Multiple Devices have mega Problems.

    Setup = TomTom Rider, Google Pixel Smartphone, Sena Remote.

    the 20s and my C3 hat no Problems, the C4 is a nightmare

    Helm Connected to Phone, Music Streaming - OKAY

    Turn the TOMTOM on, the Smartphone gets pushed down and the TOMTOM takes over the connection. Tried many different setup solutions and was even live with a Sena Rep. on The phone. No explanation

    Ticket opened here to results!

    While driving Music works, the Navi tells me to turn right or left, then is the Music Streaming shut off again. the SC1 gives the Navi Prio 1. After pushing a button für 3 Seconds I can hear music again

    There is no help because this system is the old 10U

    Updates are not expected

    Use with multiple Devices not expected (sounds Like).

    Solution from Sena, try to return the Helm and system. Handler said "no Chance"

    Support Note from a Scala 1-10 (10=Great)


    Product Note


    Finger weg from C4 and SC1 Advanced. I am going to sell my setup 




  • Lr Welk
    Lr Welk


    I sorry you have been having problems.  I did purchase the Schuberth C4, which is my 3rd Schuberth Helmet.  Since the SC1 is integrated, I purchased it too.  It is my 3rd Sena unit.  I did have start up issues, since the C4 has had some manufacturing problems with the battery compartment. Shuberth repaired the unit and sent it back to me. The helmet and SC1 now work fine.  

    I have, however changed my set up.  Previously I used both the BMW garmin Nav and the Zumo 660.  They always worked fine, but I decided to skip those and I now just use my Samsung S7 and Waaz and or Google Maps. Waaz provides always updated maps, real-time road conditions, on the fly remapping and police safety zones. The set up works fine and I can skip having an additional unit.  The trade-off is that you can't create all the routes and way points.  Over the years I found I did not use that much anyway.

    Maybe because I dropped the GPS unit, I have not had the issues you have seen.  The good news is that my older Sena's still seem to work together and I have given them to my son so we can talk on trips via Bluetooth. 

    Have you updated your SC1 to newest version of software?  That version seems a little more stable than to original.

  • J.Schäfer

    ...and in consequence you dont buy a Schuberth C4, at most a C3Pro + Cardo or the Schuberth SRC

    I'll get get in contact with Schuberth and ask them what they think about all this and if they are willing to do something in reaction...

  • Tim Michael
    Tim Michael

    Update for me!


    My C4 and SC1 Advanced is in Ebay.

    The Support from Sena ist so bad and slow! Schuberth sends me to Sena, Sena Does Nothing. I sent my Helmet including SC1 Advanced to Schuberth to be fixed.

    It was gone 3 weeks and nothing was done to it! After Complaining, Schuberth wants ne to send it in Again! No Chance! Season hast started! 


    SOOOOO - I bought a Shark Helmet with the Sharktooth system - well looky there - it works! Perfectly! Go Figure.

    And it only cost half the price of what the C4 and SC1 A costed.

    SO - I Think I can Safetly say! NEVER AGAIN! the C4 and SC1 Advanced SUCKS and the Service even more.

    After 8 Months I finally have a working system, no thanks to Sena or Schuberth.






  • Lr Welk
    Lr Welk

    Well, It is unfortunate that you have had a hard time.  I actually started this post since the units were new and there were some negative comments.  Since I had two prior good experiences with both Schuberth and Sena, I went ahead and purchased the combo.  They work like the previous units.  When I get phone calls on the road no one can believe I am on the Interstate on a motorcycle.  On the minus side, I do agree that the voice sensitivity could be better and I do have to bark to answer calls.  On the plus side , I like the ability to swap out the battery.  I put 15k miles a year on my bikes and on long runs it is nice to not have to worry about battery life.  I like the products and I would purchase this combo again.

  • Ifurman68

    I did some research on positive feedback's on SC1A (was not that hard, because there are less than a dozen of them in whole internet) and found a pretty clean pattern. Here's my observation. Whoever likes SC1, are:

    1.  Using it only with one device connected to the headset. If they have multiple BT devices, they use some other device as a hub (Zumo 590, etc.). That eliminates SC1 priority and device's switching issues. But, then, any cheap BT headset (like the one for $50) will do the job.

    2. Not using intercom functionality. Otherwise, they would notice a poor VOX functionality and horrible inconvenience of using tiny buttons of SC1 (which you must hold down for several seconds) in order to initiate intercom connection. BTW, #1 issue also applies here

    3. Mostly riding big bikes with large windshields that minimizes wind noise. The audio volume of SC1 (especially via A2DP connection) is unacceptably low and makes it impossible to listen to music on any speed over 50 km. I adjusted the position of speakers properly and even put thicker pads under the speakers to move them closer to ears, but it did not help much. 2 things make this matter even worse: a) there is no provision for using earbuds; b) Smart Volume Control function DOES NOT WORK AT ALL!!!


    Now, in my case:

    1. I must have at least 3 active BT connections to SC1: a) cellphone; b) GPS; 3) Intercom (one or two other riders). You could only imagine how badly SC1 works with multiple BT connections!!!

    2. As VOX function does not work as it should, I'm forced to use buttons to initialize an intercom connection. Unfortunately, I feel it's very unsafe to remove a hand from a handlebar for such a long time (keeping tiny button pressed for several seconds) just to initiate an intercom connection. I can't use a remote controller either, because it takes a lot of space on a grip and makes reaching out to bike's control buttons very inconvenient.

    3. I'm riding a naked bike. There is a lot of wind noise on speed and I wear earplugs all the time. The fact that Smart Volume Control function does not work, makes it impossible to listen to music because of a very low audio volume. I hoped Sena would fix it with the new (v1.1) firmware, but they didn't. I can't wait another year or so for a next firmware update in hope Sena will finally make Smart Volume Control work. 


    My problem is:

    1. I really like C4 helmet, it fits me perfectly and I'd like to keep it

    2. I must have Sena BT headset, because all my rider buddies are using Sena and BT intercom between different manufactures (universal intercom) has a lot of limitations and very short distance

    3.  I can't use SC1, because it's simply a CRAP.


    My solution:

    1. Remove SC1 completely

    2. Unsolder built-in speakers. Fortunately, it's very easy and can always be reverted.

    3. Buy a new Sena 20S clam kit and install it on C4

    4. Use 20S (which I already own)


    My suggestion:

    Buy SC1 only if you expect to:

    1.  Connect one and ONLY one BT device to SC1

    2. Do not use intercom

    3. Have a bike with EXCELLENT wind protection (or don't ride faster then 50 km/h :-) )

    4. Trust Sena to release a next firmware version soon with all bugs fixed

    Otherwise, DON'T waste your money! Look for alternative solutions.

  • Ifurman68

    Here's the reply from Sena Technical Support to my question who is responsible for poor SC1 performance:

    Sena can assist with the tech support problems related to the user manual.
    The SC1 is a Schuberth product and the relationship with Sena is a partnership. 
    If Schuberth requires support and product enhancement then Sena engineering will do it's best to support them with their needs, which may include future releases, feature request for product enhancement, firmware, etc.
    However, if issues persists where Sena tech support has done all troubleshooting with the SC1 device and certain features are not working or headset does not power on, etc. then user may need to do a warranty claim. This must be conducted through the store you purchased it from or through Schuberth dealer direct since they are the owners of the product stock. Sena does not have any stock of Schuberth branded products.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.  


    This message completely killed any hopes in SC1 firmware will ever be fixed. I can't believe how Schuberth/Sena treat their customers those spent almost a fortune on C4/SC1A setup... 

    In Sena defence, my guess is that some issues are related to a poor design of a helmet, expecially microphone location. That could expain 2 issues:

    1. VOX does not work properly

    2. Smart volume control does not work at all simply because a mic can't pick up enough wind noise to trigger smart volume control even on highest sensitivity.

    But... that does not help me much, it just proves that the problems with the helmet can't be fixed by firmware update only, thus forget about it! Enjoy $1200 lost... or be creative (as I was) and install external BT headset. I'm pretty happy with C4 + 20S 


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