Mesh 30K to SRL



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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    In the context of mesh networking, Sena's mesh devices exhibit the ability to establish connections with any other Sena mesh device, provided they are operating in an open mode. However, when dealing with non-mesh devices within the ecosystem, a distinct procedure is required. To integrate a non-mesh device into the mesh network, the acquisition of a separate Mesh+ unit becomes imperative. This additional hardware component furnishes the non-mesh device with the capability to function within the mesh environment.

  • fixelel

    How I can do it? You need to follow the instructions in this article how to screenshot on windows. The screenshot will be copied to your clipboard.


  • Christa

    It was easy to couple the devices; you just need to make sure the mesh unit is in Bluetooth mode and follow the instructions for each device. The other week, one of my SRL's speakers quit working elastic man

    Sena and I have been talking about it for a week, and the conclusion is that it is broken, and because it is over its guarantee period, I will have to buy a new one. Instead, I chose to install an older 10s that I had on hand. Since the SRL had small buttons, I must admit that I am more happy with the jog dial on the 10S.


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