SRL Mesh Firmware 1.3 - Revision History available ?



  • seken

    Is it a new version? I enjoyed playing papa's burgeria io. The graphics and animations are colorful and cute, and the sound effects add to the fun atmosphere of the game.

  • Fabio Martinigh
    Fabio Martinigh

    I have the same question, which is the news on the update?


    I assume Sena guys our busy finalizing their all new Shoei Com-Link System for the 3rd generation helmets Neotec 3 and GT-Air 3. We will get new information, when they are done :-)

    No wonder I got my SRL Mesh and GT-Air 2 considerably cheap :-)

  • Mathis Brunn
    Mathis Brunn

    I notice the charging LED in the helmet doesn't work anymore, just installed 1.3 with the wifi adapter.
    Very helpful after it had charging issues anyway /s.

  • loinse bekean
    loinse bekean

    Without official release notes from Sena detailing the changes in version 1.3, it may be difficult to know precisely what differences you can expect. However, users often share their experiences and subway surfers observations on online forums and communities. You might find discussions or reviews from other Sena SC2 users who have updated to firmware version 1.3 and can provide insights into any noticeable improvements or changes they've noticed.

  • Zoya Shah
    Zoya Shah

    For users of our branded hoodies equipped with SRL Mesh technology, Firmware 1.3 is now available, bringing enhancements and improvements to your wearable experience. Wondering about the revision history? You can access it conveniently to stay informed about the changes and updates made in this latest firmware version. Explore the Revision History to discover how Firmware 1.3 elevates the functionality and performance of your SRL Mesh-enabled branded hoodies.


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