Three 30K + Two 20S Intercom



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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    yes, this is possible, but the 20S will have the be the host device as it has Dual BT chips,  you will also have to use the Sena Motorcycle App to properly set up the Group Intercom pairing mode.

    from the app, your group can all power on the device and the app will detect each sena device, you can ping them to see who is who and from there you can select the device you want in your group and save the setting. from there the group intercom should activate automatically. 

  • Delta Executor
    Delta Executor

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  • frankmaultsby

    It's possible.

  • Meadowa

    This only works with the 20S (and possibly the 30K). Group intercom allows you to connect a group of riders together with one touch just fall

  • liza memozi
    liza memozi

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  • paras thackral
    paras thackral

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