firmware 3.2 software update stops after 8%

Loaded smh10 manager 1.1.1 and found update 3.2, downloaded it in img folder

Swicthed on sena confirm instruction, but after 8% update halts and program does not respond anymore. Waited for an hour (the second try, just to make sure because update is slow - but still stuck at 8%)


Have screenshot if desired. Acquired smh10 on 6/4/2011 at Revzilla, ID S7A-SMH10, serial 110300024 0001950D6504

Tried to install software as microphone keeps stopping working when using intercom. Must then readjust seating of smh-10 unit on helmet or sometimes completely remove and reconnect - which is tiresome when travelling to work :). Speakers always work!


Best regards,

Rob Geubel


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