IPhone music and rider to rider intercom at same time?

Call me confused but I am getting the impression I can't have VOX intercom and IPhone music at the same time? I am having problems with my SMH-10. The other half of my dual unit which I sold to friend seems to work fine which he can VOX open the intercom and his music drops out. Then 20 seconds later (with silence) the VOX will drop out and music comes back on. I also get a lot of static and the intercom (when it is working) and cuts out randomly while I am talking or he is talking. Just seems to cut in and out when it feels like it. My distance to his device is always within range. I probably don't have something set right. And the battery is charged. All I want is to listen to music on my IPhone and when we want to talk yell into the mic and have the intercom and music drop out. After silence have it revert back to music. HELP!


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