How do I pair my phone with an SMH10 and SR10?

I have just bought an SR10. My SMH10 is at firmware v 4.0.

How do I set up the units so that I can:

  • listen to MP3s from my Bluetooth connected smartphone (HTC one X);
  • control next and previous music tracks etc on the phone;
  • use my phone from the SMH10 -at least last number redial, and answering incoming calls;
  • transmit and receive from a CB wired to the SR10 mini-din connector?

I've tried pairing, and don't seem to be able to achieve the above. The SR10 user manual is next to useless.  If I can't do the above, then what is the use of the SR10 in conjunction with modern phones?

The review at http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycle-intercoms/sena-sr10/ suggests that the SR10 pairs with other brands better than it pairs with the SMH10.  This is poor, Sena.

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