Can the SMH10 get sound from an SR10 while the SMH10 is in 3 way intercom conference?

I know when you have an 3 or 4 way intercom conversation that you won't hear you will be disconnected from your bluetooth phone. But will you still be connected to an SR10. If I am in a 3 way intercom conversation and have my GPS connected to my SR10 via a wired connection, will I be able to hear the GPS turn notifications? Will it be mixed into the background of the 3 way intercom conversation? It says in V4 firmware that sounds from the SR10 will be heard in the background of an intercom conversation but doesn't mention 3 or 4 way.


If so, then I could connect my phone through the SR10 via bluetooth and my GPS via wired connection and get all the notifications while I am in a 3 or 4 way conversation.


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