SMH10 and HTC Thunderbolt Voice Commands?

Paired to the Thunderbolt reasonably well (though I had to do it a second time - first time, once the two SMH10 units were paired in Intercom mode, mine no longer received Audio from the Thunderbolt), but Voice Commands seem to behave ... oddly.

I can dial phone entries reasonably well with "Call (name)" though the phone is sometimes quite odd in what chooses to dial - and I don't have the ability to cancel or stop if it is wrong - I had better have my gloves off!

I cannot do any other command though - I cannot select any other feature or function - though the phone indicates I should be able to do things like "Open Calendar" - when I try this command, it calls a number it thinks I may have said. "Help" manages to just call my helpdesk at work ;-) Fat lot of good THAT would do - they can't even solve normal problems. :-)

I don't THINK this is a Sena issue though - more a Thunderbolt/HTC issue, but any clues would be helpful, I think


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