SMH5 firmware problem?

I just purchased the SMH5 dual pack. Both units look identical and are labeled SMH5 on the back...

However when I plug the USB cable in to my PC one shows up as an SMH5 and the second one shows up as a SMH10!

My iPhone recognizes them the same way when I attempt bluetooth pairing, as well the firmware updater believes one is a SMH10 as well

and refuses to put SMH5 firmware onto it.

The only thing I can think of is that the internals of the second unit are really a SMH10 or somehow the wrong firmware got installed at the factory.

They both are paired and work fine together, the SMH5 is at firmware version 1.2.2 as it was the first one I tried.

The second one is on SMH10 firmware 1.1


Anyone else heard of this? Or have suggestions?




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