Music Sharing with SMH10 Firmware Update 4.3 Beta



  • Pablo Motta
    Pablo Motta

    Hi Peter,

    The music coming from the SR10 will not work in the Music Sharing in the 4.3 beta. The music player needs A2DP Profile.


  • Ken Wagnitz
    Ken Wagnitz

    Now if there was a user manual for it, you wouldn't have to ask that question, Peter.

    SENA, where is the user manual for version 4.3?

    If your development is being driven by the programmers, you have the wrong guys driving things.
    If you had a new manual done BEFORE the development, then the programmers would have a good design document to go by.  (And you'd have something for the early adopters instead of trial and error.)

    If there is already a user manual for 4.3, then the fault lies with your website, which doesn't make it available.


  • Ken Wagnitz
    Ken Wagnitz

    Oh, and I hope you understood Dean's answer, Peter, because I don't.

    The SR10 is mono, yes.   Doesn't what is received by the SR10 get shared with the passenger?  Isn't that an enhancement in 4.3?  (Peter didn't mention stereo.)

    Oh for a useful manual...


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