BT Manager (Mac): Cannot connect to server



  • Pablo Motta
    Pablo Motta

    Hi Chris,

    This means that your SMH10R has the latest version of firmware. When a new version of the firmware is made available this message will change.

    I hope this answers your questions.


  • Christian Fessel
    Christian Fessel

    Ah, OK.

    Still, I think the current firmware should be made available through the BT manager (what, if I need to reinstall it? These things do happen).

    Thanks for the swift reply, though.


  • Dgolden

    I cannot connect to server and device manager says I do not have firmware on sm-10. 

  • Pablo Motta
    Pablo Motta

    Hi Dgolden,

    This could have been a result of an earlier attempt to update the firmware and failed. Does the device manager recognize the SM10? Have you tried to reset the device (through the pinhole in the back)? 

    My feeling is that the device manager does not recognize your device to know which firmware to serve. 

    We can try to send you a copy of the firmware image for v1.1.


  • jeff chasick
    jeff chasick

    I am trying on Mac OS X Mavericks and cannot get it to work


    if I hold the phone/jog dial, I cannot get the light to flash purple


    if I hold only the phone btn, I can get it to flash purple


    but the latest SENA SMH10 Manager does not recogniZe the device (SMH10B)


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