Two SMH5 and SR10



  • Pablo Motta
    Pablo Motta

    Hi Dmitry,

    Yes it is possible. To pair the two SMH5 for intercom follow these steps:

    1. Turn on the two SMH5 headsets (A and B) that you would like to
    pair with each other.
    2. Press and hold the Jog Dial of the headset A and B for 5 seconds
    until red LEDs of the both units start to flash rapidly. You will hear a
    voice prompt saying “Intercom pairing”.
    3. Simply tap the Jog Dial of any one of the two headsets A or B
    (It doesn’t matter that you choose A or B) and wait until the
    LEDs of both headsets turn to blue and intercom connection is
    automatically established. The two SMH5 headsets A and B are
    paired with each other for intercom conversation.

    To pair with the SR10:

    1. Turn on your SMH5. Press and hold the Phone button (red button) for 5 seconds or until the red and blue LED starts to flash rapidly. This means that the SMH5 is ready to pair.
    2. Turn on the SR10 and press and hold the Pairing Button for 5 seconds until the LED flashes red and blue alternatively.
    3. When the pairing is successful, the blue LED flashes slowly.

    You can also download the User guide for the SMH5 here:


  • Dmitriy

    Many thanks for the fast and complete answer!


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