SR10 wired PTT button?



  • Rbser

    NO  IT WILL NOT! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the SR10 will NOT operate any radios not on the Official SENA compatibility list.... it seems SENA isn't too concerned with making the SR10 compatible with newer radios which require different types of PTT activation..... two radios (one a Motorola XPR series ans another newer TYT MD-380)  will not work with the SR10... not even with a open ended cable and some work with a soldering pencil...




  • Patrick Bradley
    Patrick Bradley

    The SR10 is JUNK , After having multiple units both of which acted up the same way. After 20 minutes or so of use the audio going through the SR10 turns to a garbled mess using it to transmit through the radio cord. SENA refuses to admit there's a problem with them and I know 5 other people who had the same problem and opted to use a different product which I have now just decided to do. SENA left a bad taste and I would never recommend anyone buy one of these units...........


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