Intercom "Drops" Off and is unreliable.

Hello everyone,


We are on our second set of 20s.  We bought the dual pack and installed them relatively easily and they were working fine.  We started having issues with the intercom feature "dropping off."  We'd have the headsets connected and, in the middle of a conversation while riding next to each other, the conversation would drop off.  The only way to re-establish the connection was to either go through the head shake or press the button for 5 seconds.  Finally, my unit essentially died on us.  It started repeating "group intercom failed" whenever you would try to tap a button or even turn it off and wouldn't hold a charge.  We contacted Sena support and left a voice message after we were unable to get through a few times, but haven't gotten any response.  Finally, the store we bought the units from exchanged them.


The new units were also easy to install and pair with our iphones.  We have the same issue with conversations simply dropping off while using the intercom feature.  We also have problems listening to music.  On my husband's unit, he can either listen to music or use the intercom, but not both.  If he has music on, the intercom will drop off after about one sentence and does the same every time we reconnect.  On mine, I can't seem to NOT have music, even if I turn off the music app that it's coming from on my phone.  I can hear him, though, so we just leave it on.

Is there any way to escalate with support?  Has anyone else had these issues and found a workaround?  The primary reason we bought these was for the intercom features and they have been unreliable on both sets of headsets.  Thank you!


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