When do you have a Windows phone application available for Sena 20S?



  • Eric

    I asked the same question and got back that they wait until more people are asking for it.
    So we have to do some preaching! :-)


  • Ma77
    windows phone user here! Would love support.
  • Jason Love
    Jason Love

    I've been a Windows Phone user for more than 3 years now -- that's 2.5 years longer than I've been a Sena customer. But now that I'm both, and all four of us in the family *love* our Senas, I'd love to see Windows Phone support for the 20S. Lack of that app is the only thing keeping me from being an absolute, life-long Sena advocate and supporter. Everything else has been stellar!

  • Hammerash

    I would like to see a windows phone app as well. 

  • Sandor V
    Sandor V

    I am considering to buy a Sena 20S. However at this moment there's no Windows Phone app available. The group of WP users is increasing. So when do you have a Windows phone application available for Sena 20S?

  • Doug Jones
    Doug Jones

    I "was" considering mortgaging my soul and buying a 20S because of all the good reviews it has been getting.  Unfortunately I will be looking into other technologies now that I know Sena doesn't support the WindowsPhone market share. I guess those of us with discretionary funds can only choose "some" cool technology becuase "some" manufacturers are just to short sighted to build a cross-platform software package.

  • Denny

    I also want a windows app. Build on the windows 10 platform it is usable on all windows devices (phone, tablet and laptop/pc)

  • Björn Nordin
    Björn Nordin

    Same here, no APP, no Buy.


  • Jason Love
    Jason Love
    At its conference for software developers last week in San Francisco, Microsoft announced a series of tools and partnerships that make it easy to use the source code of an iOS or Android app and port it to Windows Phone / a universal Windows app.

    Sena, if your iOS app is written in Objective C, or your Android app in Java, you're already 80% complete with the Windows Phone build (use Xamarin).
    Please build a Windows Phone app!
  • Ted Langley
    Ted Langley

    Let me add another request to the mix.  Windows phone while behind the power curve of Android and Apple is strongly picking up market share with a great platform that makes computing seamless.  Time to step up to the plate on this app.

  • Björn Nordin
    Björn Nordin

    I still considering to buy the Sena 20s dual pack, but still no app on the horizon?

  • Eric T
    Eric T

    Also using Windows Phone (Lumia1020), support would be nice. (Sena 3S)

  • José vidana
    José vidana

    Sorry. It seemed a good product. Please, ley me know when you'll be supporting it.


  • kalle lambrechts
    kalle lambrechts

    Already got the S20 but a windows app would sure help me !

  • Gunnar

    Without a Windows app I may have to consider another product.

  • Private Please
    Private Please

    Windows phones have those BIG buttons that are easy to press when you're riding with winter gloves.  Neither Android nor Apple have this feature.  Also its more expensive to buy an Apple phone to accommodate your software than choosing a different product. 

    In other words, another vote for a Windows app.

  • Stephen Jensen
    Stephen Jensen

    I'm also a windows phone user.
    I'd really like to see an app made.
    And to add I've been keeping tabs on posts like these for a long time now and finally decided to make an account with which to say something.

    To anyone else who was / has been searching for a windows phone app for their Sena device please sign up and speak up. I know your out there. Even if your just a potential sena headset owner who wants to check if they have windows phone compatibility (it does but no app) please say something so this business can justify the creation of an app.

    And to Sena reps know that investing in a windows phone app might win you a niche market of windows phone owners shopping for comm system.

  • Jan van Prooijen
    Jan van Prooijen

    Here also an windows phone user who like's to see Sena pick up the request for an windows app!

    another vote!

  • Russel Antony
    Russel Antony

    Would love to have the Sena App for the Windows Platform launched soon. Planning on a 10c. Will not work out unless theres an app available. 

  • David Hancock
    David Hancock

    Please can we have a windows 10 mobile / windows phone app

  • rupert

    And here´s another windows phone user with a s20

  • Hans Vissers
    Hans Vissers

    I have a s20 and woukld like a windows phone app

  • Hansmkoch

    Please give us a WM10 app :) !!!!

  • Nick
    Yes I agree a windows app is needed sooner rather than later PLEASE
  • Steven Green
    Steven Green

    Write a Universal Windows app.  Have it work everywhere on the Windows OS

  • AJ Murray
    AJ Murray

    I'm a new Sena customer with a 10R and would like to add my vote for a Windows Phone 8.1 App for configuration. Universal apps available from Microsoft means there are no more excuses for leaving us out.

  • Alex

    How hard and time consuming is it to write a Windows Phone app?

    Come on. Give a computer student a short term job and you'll have one for a song as far as investment goes.

  • Prompun Amornsrijariyakul
    Prompun Amornsrijariyakul

    I'm counting on it for improve ability my nexx Bluetooth.


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