Please explain Audio Multitasking

Can't get audio multitasking to work properly or at all really.

Here is my setup:

20s connected as phone 1 to garmin zumo 590LM.  My android phone is paired to the zumo 590LM.

I have audio multitasking enabled.  When I am in an intercom conversation and the GPS makes a sound, it forces the intercom connection to disconnect.  It doesn't actually mix the audio with the conversation.  The antenna is up on the 20s also.

Should the sena be able to play both at the same time?  If not, what can be multitasked?  Will there be an update in the future to allow audio to multitask with my setup?

I am running firmware version 1.2 on my 20s.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  NOTE: I tried the same setup with a zumo 665 and had the same problems.


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