SMH10 Intercom and SmartPhone GPS navigation

I have a feeling this has already been asked, but I'll ask again anyway:

While riding my motorcycle, I want to use the Copilot navigation app on my Android phone for turn-by-turn navigation, and use intercom function to talk/listen to another SMH10 (my passenger). I can successfully pair my SMH10 with the smartphone (Galaxy S4 Mini), and with the other SMH10. The smartphone pairs as a phone, and the intercom pairs as an intercom.

However, I cannot use the intercom and receive the navigation prompts at the same time. I have to tap the jog dial to switch between the intercom and the phone, and back again.

I assume  the phone is sending the navigation prompts using the A2DP profile ("media"), and I don't see any way to change it. I think I understand the lower- and higher-priority profiles, but it seems like at least one mode should work -- I should be able to be on the intercom and have the phone interrupt it with navigation prompts,  or be listening to the navigation prompts  and have the intercom VOX interrupt when I or my passenger speaks.

If the problem is the fixed priority order, I've seen a couple of feature requests asking for configurable priority order, and I think this would be a very good idea.

Otherwise, these are nice units -- the VOX and the sidetone work well. 


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