How to adjust microphone volume on SPH10?


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  • Ross Prohaska
    Ross Prohaska

    I don't honestly think this is a volume issue I think this is a "mic" issue.  I have been attempting to use this headset with my GoPro bluetooth pack also.  The further away from your face the mic is the worse it gets.  If there is an ability to crank up the volume into the mic then the issue you will have is that the background "hiss" is going to get worse.  Sena needs to make a longer mic for this unit that you can get right in front of your lips because if you attempt to lay it against your face then it just becomes muffled.    I have the 20s and the mic is not only inside my helmet but it is right on my lips with the mic screen protecting it against any "puffs" or "pops" that happen when you speak the letter "p".  I sure hope they solve this because this would be an awesome option.


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