Microphone is too short on 20S and Flip up Nolan N104 XXXL Evo



  • Ira

    Purchases my 20S today & installed it in a Shoei Neotec modular helmet.  I, too, would like a longer cord on the wired microphone.  Second choice would a longer cord for the Wired boom microphone.  Extension cord? or ????  Having the Static Boom microphone is cumbersome when putting on or taking off the helmet.

  • Martin de Graaf
    Martin de Graaf

    Agreed, I have the Neotec modular helmet and use the standard boom mic.  It is cumbersome moving into position above chin guard and the boom is not quite long enough in my XL helmet.  I have not tried the other options in the pack as yet.

  • Ken Kimari
    Ken Kimari

    I use the one that fits under the cheekpad.  I found I could adjust it to where I needed it and it also gives me some more flexibility for the helmet mount placement.  I wear a Shark Evoline modular.


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