SPH10 headphones bracket broke



  • Sena

    Peter, please submit a request to our Technical Support department by sending them an email at support@sena.com or call them at 1-866-300-1235 or (408) 300-9797 for warranty service regarding your SPH10. 

  • Murraygto

    My SPH10, which has not been used as yet, had both arms break today when my wife and I were trying them out in the living room.

  • Mark Lewis
    Mark Lewis

    I had the same problem. I bought two headsets. One broke within a month and the other broke about 10 months later. I knew they were fragile so handled them with extreme care and they still broke. I wrote to Sena to get a replacement. will let you  know how it goes.

  • Armstrong Crane
    Armstrong Crane

    These are very good at communication and doing exactly as described.  However, the construction is garbage.  We've purchased 4 of these headsets.  All 4 broke within 4 months.  We returned them.  The next 4 on warranty broke within 4 months.  I'm kind of tired of returning for warranty as the dealer is 1.5 hrs away.

    Sena - I really like your product.  The 'RUGGED VERSATILITY" that you advertise is a load of garbage.  Please revise these and maybe we'll purchase more in the future. (Any deals on the 4 we have cracked again????)

  • Dave Rabinowitz
    Dave Rabinowitz

    I totally agree - Have bought three sets myself - all broke same spot - bullshit!!  I think I'll post on social media as a don't buy this (along with Amazon).  Anybody find a more reliable product?


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