Hi everyone, 


so I bought myself the Sena 3S Unit (the 3S-W to be specific) a couple of weeks ago.

First Problem: the unit would not charge correctly. I used a normal wall charger with the supplied USB cable (5V; 1A). The Unit charged for hours, but the LED light would not turn blue.

After using the unit for appr. 5 Minutes, it turned off due to low battery. I tried this procedure about three times...all with the same result. So i figured, it must be a faulty battery.I returned the unit (through Amazon) and received a new one straight away.


Now: this unit is just as bad!! First i charged it and the red charging light turned blue after app. 2 hours....so far so good.

After fully charging the unit, i unplugged it, made sure it was turned off, and placed my helmet in the storage for two days. Today, I put the helmet on and tried to turn on the unit...NADA...BATTERY ABSOLUTELY DEAD! This shouldn't be after two days with the unit off!!!

So I decided to charge it again...after two hours the charge was complete and I went directly for a ride. After exactly 2 hours riding and just listening to music over the unit, the 3S turned itself off due to low battery..... THIS IS PRETTY RIDICULOUS!!!

Anybody else experienced this kind of behavior? I would say its a faulty unit, but I'm already on my second one, as the first one was already faulty!!


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