10C Microphone Issues

Yet another question about the Sena 10c... I seem to be having an issue with using the boom mic in my Neotec helmet where there is a heavy bass with my voice, even when I am not talking loud, and it causes the audio to crack.  I have tried adjusting the mic further from my mouth, even had it next to my chin LOL!  still have the same issue.

My old communicator, the G9x I never had this issue.  If I could somehow lower the mic gain, I might be able to have suitable audio.   I published a video on youtube, to where you can hear what I am referring to here, but not sure if that is appropriate or not.

I have not tried the other mic, but since I have a modular helmet, it could make things.... complicated for the seating. 

Like others, I am trying my hand at motovlogging, but this is a true show stopper, as I am having a hard time watching my own video takes because of the sound.  It picks up my bike perfectly, but my voice... well my voice is horrible to begin with, but I dont break mics with it LOL!


Thanks for the help.


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