Very heavy wind noises in videos

Hi everybody,

got the 10C today and did a first test. Before doing it I've installed newest firmware version (1.0.2)

Everything looks that it works fine - but the videos are full of wind noises. I've tried both microphones, also the rod microphone with windbreaker, no improvement. Then I tried setting advanced noise control on and off, still no improvement.

The noise starts at about 10 km/h (TEN !!!) under my integral helmet (Shoei GT Air Wanderer). Sure - this helmet is not the quietest one, but it's not that impossible loud that you cannot hear anything else on video but wind. In the videos it sounds like I'm driving 200 km/h but I'm only at about 30. There's no chance to here my own voice because wind noise is too dominant.

Seems that advanced noise control only works for communication, but not for videos.

What else can I do? Any tipps for me?


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