Wind noise on a 10C. WHAT...? I said WIND NOISE ON A 10C!



  • Sean Keily
    Sean Keily

    I will definitely try this.

    Just curious though - I thought the external mike was there for the noise cancellation technology? ie. external mike picks up noise from outside the helmet & subtracts it from the recording.. However, my bikes engine noise is almost impossible to hear but wind is crazy!!! 


  • Patrick McClure
    Patrick McClure

    You have to cover the external mic with tape, I mean why does it even have an external mic when its designed to be used with an boom mic inside the helmet. At the very least we should have the option to turn off the external one though or have it turn off automatically when another one is plugged up. I attached a picture of mine. 

    Just 1 piece of black electrical tape cut out 90% of the wind noise I was getting and I am now quite happy with it. 

  • Carl Kelly
    Carl Kelly
    That's incredible, I can't try it right now as I'm waiting for some new tyres to arrive. I've tried everything so this is awesome if it works.
    Thank you so much!
  • Patrick McClure
    Patrick McClure

    Carl - there is also one other thing I forgot, put some tape over the microphone then slide the cover back on it to. This deaden's alot of windnoise coming in the helmet. 

  • Benjaman Parson
    Benjaman Parson

    Nice, Im going to try the tape Mod right now.

  • Stratton Rob
    Stratton Rob

    Just came accross this, thank you for the idea!! I just put a few small pieces of tape over the external mic (that I didn't even know was there!) I had been wondering why there was so much wind noise on my videos, considering i use a chin guard, breath guard, and neck gaiter so there's almost zero wind inside my helmet. Can't wait to check the video of my commute this evening. 

  • Scott Patton
    Scott Patton

    Did anybody have any luck trying this?  Just curious - mine will be set on my way home tonight!

    The music and voice in my recordings is very loud and distorted - am I doing something wrong?

  • Jochem

    Thank you for the tip. I will try it next time I go for a ride.

  • Alan Robertson
    Alan Robertson

    I am having the same problem as Sean Kelly.

    I can barely hear my bike (which is fairly loud) but lots of wind noise!!

    Any suggestions anyone??



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