How do you erase the files on the SD Card?



  • Frank Cotton
    Frank Cotton

    Yes please help with this.

  • Vuthy Lat
    Vuthy Lat

    I have been putting the SD card into my computer and manually deleting the video/picture files.  SENA needs to follow GoPro APP and incorporate a file manager and view finder option.  I like the 10c but finding it a bit lacking and disappointing.

  • Scott Patton
    Scott Patton

    If you plug it into any computer, using USB - turn the camera on, it will mount the Sena as basically a USB drive.  You can then use finder/explorer and simply delete them.

  • Asaf E
    Asaf E
    There is no way to format the sd card from the c10 itself?
  • Oxnard

    I figured out that you can format the card in the Configuration menu by choosing option 8.   As they say...when all else fails, RTFM!

  • Roadside

    Never format the SD card in the computer!   That's a major no no!  The way I transfer my files from the SD card to the computer is really simple, here are the steps:

    1.  Remove the micro SD card from the Sena device.

    2.  Get a micro SD card adapter (if you buy your micro SD cards from Amazon, they usually give you the Adapter)  and place the Micro SD into the adapter and put it into an SD slot on your computer or Mac.   Transfer speeds a slightly better than using the USB cable if you do it this way.

    3.  Your computer should auto start the file manager to view the files.  If it doesn't go to COMPUTER and find the SD slot it's located in,  Open the folder containing the files.   I always cut and paste all of the files to the computer simply because it super easy if you do it this way.

    4.   Once you see all the files on the chip, on the keyboard press  CTRL  then the letter A  (ctrl-A)  That the command for Select All.  This will automatically highlight all the files.

    5.   Next on the keyboard again press CTRL - X  (ctrl-x)  This is the command to cut all the files to the clipboard but it will remove all the files from the micro SD card!  So when your done the chip will be empty!

    6.   Next go to the location where you wish to keep your files ( I use the Video folder in Windows).   Open that folder and press CTRL then the letter V  (ctrl-V)   This is the paste command.   It will copy all the files from the chip directly to the directory you chose.   It's a three step process but it takes me less than 10 seconds to give the commands, but transfer times can be a while depending on how big the chip is and how many files there are to transfer.

    If you do it this way you will likely never need to format the micro SD card. 

  • Sena

    You can refer to this F.A.Q. on how to format the microSD card through the 10C:


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