10C not recording video



  • William Hall
    William Hall

    I am having the same issue. Can Sena please enter this conversation?

    I am reading alot about this online and want to make sure this isn't something I am missing before I start writing reviews of the product...

  • Paul Beattie
    Paul Beattie

    Hi William,

    I fixed the problem by formating the SD card in the 10C itself.



  • William Hall
    William Hall

    I used to be able to see the card in My Computer when the camera was attached to my computer, but I do not see it now.


    Did you use the 5 second phone button press to connect it to your computer or did you connect it simply with the power on?

  • Sena

    @William: To have your computer recognize the microSD card in your 10C, just have the 10C powered on and then turn on the Camera by tapping the Camera Button once. The microSD card will appear soon afterwards.

  • K Wyman
    K Wyman

    My 10C (firmware ver 2.0, with 32 GB SanDisk RAM chip) will record audio, video, and pictures as advertised on one trip (like to work).  But on a powering it up for a follow on ride (like leaving the restaurant or using it the next day) I will hear "camera on" with the first tap, but either a tap (picture), touch (start recording), or press (start tagging) I will hear the same thing .... "No SD installed".   Why?

    Solutions I have tried (while on the road and not sitting here at my computer):

    1 - power off camera, power off 10C unit.  Restarting 10C, restarting camera.  No joy.

    2 - same as 1 with also removing and re-seating the SD card while unit is off.  No joy.

    3 - leaving the camera powered up, and just shutting off the 10C unit.  Power up 10C, power on camera.  No joy.

    Essentially, the only solution that seems to work is to give up and intermittently try to take pictures as I ride on.  Eventually, after a stop or two, or a day, the SD card will be recognized again.  I have no idea what it is that causes either the fault nor the fix. While the camera can't find the SD card, all the audio functions seem to continue working fine (intercom, phone, FM, Bluetooth music).  Also, the SD card in use was wiped clean (as I had used it in a cell phone) and reformatted in a windows computer.  I then installed it in the 10C and initialized the unit with the clean card in it the unit.  The firmware update went smoothly and I've had about a 90% success rate using the camera since I got it a couple months ago.  The unidentifiable SD card issue just started up about two weeks ago.  When it says it's recording or taking pictures, it is, it works, they are retrievable on my computer.

    I didn't want to start an entire new thread for a similar sort of issue.


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