Pairing 2 SMH10's, and 20s's


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  • Ilpo Lehto
    Ilpo Lehto

    Related closely to this situation.

    As 20S/10S has a little bit different features... this could be even the reason for "robot" voice.

    Our 10S are new, 20S appr. 2 years old. Latest firmware.

    10S has such a feature, that pushing "connect" button appr. 2sec, it will open "group communication". Which opens a line to all paired units, 20S as well.

    But group communication in 20S has been made in a way, it accepts only 20S units to the group?

    This question might be for more for the developers... but why there isn't such a simple feature built in to the 20S, it would open group communication in a simple similar way as 10S does (to all paired units)?

    Or is there?




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