Handlebar remote connect/disconnect/connect/disconnect/connect/disconnect . . . . .

The title pretty much summarises the situation;  Every so often the 20s will will announce that the remote has disconnected from whichever of my 20s units it is paired with and if I fiddle with the buttons it will announce 'connect' and the immediately 'disconnect' - and if I mess continuously with the buttons it will repeatedly announce that is has connected, then disconnected, usually (but not always) ending up disconnected.  And while it is in this mode the 20s doesn't act on the button presses.

If I power the remote off and on (always fun to do while in motion) it 'usually' resolves the problem, but not always.  If I power off the 20s it likewise may or may not resolve the problem.

But then as I ride along and after a while I get the 'disconnected' message.

I've done the factory reset and reconfigure thing and the 20s modules are fully up to date (1.6.3).

Am I alone in this?  Has anybody got a solution?  I would have sent it down with one defective module I had, but I suppose it can wait and I can send it down after the bikes go away for the season, but if I'm doing something wrong I'd like to know.



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