The ability to conference in the passenger for listening to music or phone conferencing



  • Marc Woo
    Marc Woo

    "Most users want to listen the music together during conversation so wish Sena company release the new version can working easier for user"


    This is only possible with the Sena 20S as it has the unique Audio Multitasking feature that allows users to share music while having an intercom conversation.

  • Araque67

    Sena team, the Audio MultiTasking feature is not coming as firmware upgrade to other Sena products? no plans?

    that would be great, but also a solution, requested in all over this forum, that allows intercom between two Sena products, driver and the passenger, without need a second phone/iphone/android, will be great... why? in my case I have a 10C, which I think is a great product, but I ride with my 9-yeard kid which likes to talk while we are riding and he do not have a phone to open a call with me... (and I don't plan to give him one just to talk with me while riding)...  and the alternative of using the SM10, sound a good solution but it requires cabling... not a good solution for a wireless world like today.!

  • jjoosseemanuel
    Tengo un Sena SMH3...¿podría activar la comunicacion con el pasajero por voz?
    ¿Como le actualizo el firware ...q versión es la ultima?
  • Araque67

    jjoosseemanuel, solo necesitas que el pasajero tenga otro equipo SENA u otra marca con capacidad de establecer comunicacion. No conocia el SMH3, veo que esta' obsoleto, pero si vi en los specs que si tiene la capacidad; por lo tanto no necesitas hacer nada adicional;  puede ser que tengas problemas de "handshaking" por ser un equipo viejo, por lo que sugiero busques a un amigo primero que tenga un equipo actual (que puedas comprar hoy en dia) y haces la prueba para asegurarte que ese modelo puede hacer "pairing" con el tuyo.


  • Noam Gr
    Noam Gr

    I have the sena 10c and bought my wife SMH5 so we can communicate, the products are great !! changed the way I ride literally. good job SENA ! 

    however, we both love to listen to same music while riding (shared by the 10c) but it is annoying to stop the music in order to say something threw intercom. 

    we would really appreciate adding a mix music sharing while intercom. 10x


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