Adjustable Microphone Transmit Audio Level Setting on the Ver 2 SMH-10. Ver 1 was perfect!

I as others use the SHM-10 to communicate with two-way radio devices as well as my Iphone 4G. Most of the people I ride with have the Ver 1 unit, so they are lucky. They opted not to upgrade like I did.. However now that I did I am in this dilemma.

 Since I have moved to the Ver 2 SMH-10, the audio is noticeably louder and the noise canceling aspects that was once realized with the Ver 1 SHM-10 has pretty much gone out the door. I realize that the increased microphone audio might have been decided on to reflect some issues with some specific cell phone equipment, but it causes negative impacts to other gear that already have a fair amount of microphone gain to begin with. Actually when I do make calls with the Iphone 4G, I have received complaints from some that they can hear background noise now. It is not as bad as the two-way radio, but it is worth mentioning that with the Ver 1 unit, people never complained, in fact they complimented over and over how good it sounded. Now it is not so good news anymore since I have moved to the Ver 2 unit. All I get is people complaining over and over, and I am at the end of the rope here.

The radio I and others use is the Yaesu FTM-10R / SR with the Bluetooth module. I have turned the microphone audio gain all the way down and still people are telling me that they can hear my motorcycle engine and background noise. In addition, the audio just sounds muffled as a result. I have never had this issue with the Ver 1 SMH-10.

I have tried to move the microphone away from the mouth, and that does help a bit, but it still picks up too much background audio.

I therefore would like to suggest that an option within the SMH-10 manager would allow to add say additional 10 dB of attenuation to help adjust the levels to a more suitable level.

I have been instructed to post this suggestion so that Sena management can gauge the need to add this “feature” or what I would call a fix to something that was broken in the Ver 2 unit.

The bottom line is that if I can’t get this resolved, I will have no other choice but to find another Ver 1 SMH-10 or move onto another product.

I hope that I can get a few of you to reply that have noticed the same thing when you upgraded from the Ver 1 to Ver 2 SMH-10 as I loved the product up until now.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Lu Vencl

Deerfield Beach, FL


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