Turn off the main, blinking LED during normal operation



  • RBEmerson

    This is the way to the "Swiss Army Knife" school of design. Look at how the options are already growing on the SMH-10, What's one more option? No biggie, right? Sure. And then another handy feature shows up, and then another, and then another, and... you're looking for a flat-bed truck to haul the resulting Swiss Army knife.

    There's already an on/off switch. OTOH there's no "always on" sidetone. If I can pick only one added feature, why would I repeat the on/off switch? It's no different than learning to check the turn signals are off, the high beam is off in traffic, etc. Helmet off: check blinking blue light. End of story.

  • Ken

    I am led to believe that you have never forgotten to turn your Bluetooth unit OFF after arriving at your destination.  Once I pull into my driveway, there are all kinds of distractions that interfere.  Sidestand down, get off the motor, walk around to the side door (usually with the helmet ON), go inside, unlock and raise the door, wife comes down the steps with a set of problems, dog comes down the steps for attention, etc.  I may or may not take the helmet off at that moment, but re-mount the motor to drive it into its wheel chock.  Then, more distractions.  Maybe take the helmet off before I accidentally scrape the bottom of the garage door with it, or maybe not.  Garage door down and latched.   Take of helmet while talking to wife or petting dog.  Hang it on it's peg.  Take off riding jacket and gloves and stow them.  

    There are lots of distractions in the garage/workshop that have nothing to do with safely riding a motorcycle (as you inferred that someone that forgets to turn the Bluetooth off is somehow an indication of incompetence to ride a motorcycle).  

    My Zumo, my bicycle computer, my old UClear, and several other devices recognize total inactivity and shut themselves down.  Even my television detects no activity and turns itself off when the Fios is turned off but the TV left ON.    

    I'm glad that you're perfect; have never come down to a dead Bluetooth battery, and don't want to take advantage of modern technology.  I rather doubt that many of the rest of us can claim such perfection. If Sena would come up with an inactivity sensing power-down, I (for one) would welcome it since about once a month, my incompetence surfaces and I come down to a dead Sena.  

    If they made it optional, you could simply disable the feature and laugh at the rest of us.  Everyone should be happy.

    (tongue in cheek, of course)


  • RBEmerson

    "Things I did not learn at once, I learned by doing twice".

    SMH-10 left on overnight? Check. Turn signals left on for a few miles? Check. Garage drop? Check. "Dimit damit" flashes due to high beam still on? Check.

    There is a reason why pilots use check lists. The walkways around the small airport in Fernandina Beach, FL are marked with bent ("cowhorned") prop blades made by people who didn't have the discipline to check their airplane before they put it back on the ground.

    Of course I don't have a printed list, but I've built a routine and (now this will be a surprise, I'm sure) I've got religion about it. Unless someone's on fire or pinned under a bike, the check list comes first.

    Bike on the level or slightly uphill? Out of gear? Sidestand down and locked with a serious forward kick? Key off? Anything smell or look funny? Helmet off? Sena off? GPS off? Grip and seat heat off (even in the summer - the grip heat switch flips a little too easily)? Heated vest disconnected (OK, a fall->spring question)? If all the answers are "yes", then I'm good to go have some fun.

    It's not that hard.

  • David

    Just as a side note to the new discussion.. I did the low-tech method; found some tint strips on Amazon (marketed specifically for dimming gadget lights) and stuck them on the light.  Now I can still see it flashing but it's not very bright.  The tint also blends in with the black Sena, so it doesn't look too bad.

    I think these were the ones I got but maybe there's something cheaper now: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009WSJNCW

  • RBEmerson

    Good call! Two thumbs up!

  • T Overing
    T Overing

    my new 10 R's keep on blinking

    very distracting

    I see it in the rearview mirror all the time


    how to turn this OFF


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