Relocate ear bud plug on clamp-on unit to avoid damage when helmet is placed on seat



  • RBEmerson

    I'm sure there's a British equivalent to Digi-Key, etc. And, of course, there's always eBay...

    IIRC, the screws for the SMH-10 base require a Torx driver - #5? #8? Probably #5. Use a Torx driver - a hex key may or may not work. If it doesn't work, the screw head could chewed up to the point where a Torx bit won't work, either. Not Good.

  • Trevor Kidd
    Trevor Kidd

    The 2 machine screws that hold the clamp are hex keys, and the 4 screws under the rubber pad are definitely phillips, I just had one open the other night.

  • Xorro

    I had a £30 voucher so it's costing me a little over £11 for a new clamp kit, so this seems like a good option to fixing it :-)

    I still might have a go at the old one, just to see.


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