Why not use FRS?



  • Sena

    Thanks for your feedback. Sena is supposed to study the possibilities.

  • J M H
    J M H

    Problem with using a radio for comms is that it's a simplex communication. Not useful for quick communications, especially if someone is chatting away when you need to warn about the car, etc. Bluetooth on the other-hand is full duplex.

  • Fred

    I've used FRS radios for bike-to-bike communication since about 1999, and they work perfectly.  A PTT switch on the handlebar is all you need.  If you want to say something, you hold the button.  I don't need full duplex for bike to bike communication, it is overkill.  FRS radios don't need to be paired, any brand will work with any other brand, and they get more than enough range. They run on batteries and are very reliable.

    In my opinion, FRS is the only way to go for bike-to-bike comm.  Bluetooth is fine for rider to passenger intercom, but trying to make it work bike-to-bike is an exercise in frustration.

    Instead of trying to use the "mesh" network, Sena should just integrate an FRS radio somehow.  Motorola used to make an FRS radio with Bluetooth in it that could be paired to a Sena.  Something like this would be the perfect solution.


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