Add micro SD card slot for MP3 playback

I think Sena could really step above the competition by adding in a micro SD card slot that allows a user to load it up with their favorite MP3's and listen to stereo music via the SD card.  The FM radio that is built into some competitors headsets is just about useless at best, especially if aren't near a big city.  I've tried it and just not a fan of how it works on most headsets and I don't think its a smart direction for Sena to head.  However, having your favorite MP3 always available with the just touch of the jog dial and full control would be great.  Micro SD cards are cheap and small and 16-32gb cards would give a ton of music to store right on the headset.  I know some people do currently use music they have on their smart phones when they are connected, but not everyone has smart phones with music and since it would be built into the headset, the music would always be there to access regardless of what else was connected the headset.  It would just be one of those simple ways to listen to music while you ride. 


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