SMH-10 mount

I ride with different people on other bikes during my travels, but very seldom do I ride with a passenger.

I have a pair of SMH-10's but 1 just sits not being used most of the time.

If there was an optional mount, clamp type, boom mic, single speaker with velcro on back, it would be very easy to install this mount on a friends helmet.  I could just slide the mount on helmet, tighten clamp, run run single speaker wire speaker into the ear pocket and mount the speaker with velcro onto the liner (without removing the liner). Snap on the spare SMH-10 and off we go.  It would only take a couple minutes.  I would buy 2.  One for my dirt bike helmet and 1 for the "loaner SMH-10).

I know, I can buy 2 smh-a0301 and cut off 1 speaker, but I was trying to get it a little better priced then $80.00 for a pair of smh-a0301.

This would expose more riders to the Sena equipment. If they like how it works they will then run out and buy there own equipment. I realize stereo would not work with only 1 speaker but I am only trying to be able to communicate with the other rider using the SMH-10 to SMH-10 connection. (in fact in my state I am supposed to only use 1 speaker anyway)


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