SR10 PTT Reprogram?

I Currently use and enjoy the SMH10B and the SR10 on my 1981 Honda Goldwing. I have the SR10 wired to my Kenwood Ham Radio (TH-F6A) and would like to see the PTT remote switch reprogrammed to be able to disregard the incoming audio from the two way radio. It has become increasing difficult to "double tap" the PTT when talking on local ham radio repeaters while riding.

It is due to the fact that a repeater does not "drop out" like a transmission from another hand held to hand held does... a repeater continues to transmit after the station who was talking stops transmitting. This continuing reception of the repeater's transmission causes the SR10 to think that there is still audio on the received channel and the only way to place the two way radio back into transmit is to "double tap" the PTT to allow the SR10 to close the audio channel and put the radio into transmit.


The default configuration for the SR10's PTT switch is great for "simplex" operation (direct radio to radio communication like walkie talkies) but is difficult to use for "half duplex" operations like on a repeater. The ability to reprogram the PTT for "Half Duplex" mode, or PTT always active, with no busy channel lock out, would be a welcome firmware upgrade. Not only would it allow me to operate my radio as I did with it wired to my helmet and PTT, it would keep me from constantly taking my eyes off the road to see if the radio is transmitting because I got the timing and speed right on the "double tap"






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