My idea is to reinstate the original upgrade price for the newer units.

First of all I have enjoyed my SMH 10. It served me very well on my cross-country trip last year. Myself and several other riders in my riding club here in the San Diego area use the SMH 10's as well. I was informed about the trade-in/upgrade deal but being as I was and still am unemployed held off on the upgrade. I had saved up the $49 for each unit and inquired about getting them only to find out it was only offered for 3 months REALLY!. So I have to ask myself if I bought an obsolete/ non upgradeable system and was once again taken to the cleaners by corporate America. I feel that it's a shabby way to treat those of us customers who have purchased their SMH unit's and now find themselves left out of getting the newer units without having to spend what amounts to about half the price of a new system. Had I known this from the beginning I would have waited until the upgradeable system came out and save myself the $238 vice $98 it will cost me to have the newest version. But then again it's always about the almighty dollar and not taking care of the customer! I am pretty much guessing that SENA doesn't want me as a return customer and as such will DELETE this and not even respond, but being an optimist I will wait and see what happens. It's a shame that I feel like I've been bent over the proverbial barrel and that someone is laughing at my plight and counting their money.

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