Please provide a SMH10 Manager for Linux



  • siim

    it has the firmware update function and you can also change some configuration options there. Even just a command line utility to push the firmware update would be sufficient as the other settings can be changed from the phone app as well.

  • Bart Nagel
    Bart Nagel

    We can evangelize all we want; the fact is that we're a small minority and Sena are very unlikely to lift a finger for us.

    Chris, you definitely have the right idea. I can contribute in terms of testing -- point us to the code repository once it exists! I wonder if you might look at contacting Sena directly, if you haven't already: they may be able to clear up whether they're OK with the idea, and if we're very lucky they may even help by passing you some specs or similar. Fingers crossed you don't brick any devices...!

    Ideally this would work for the newer units too -- I've been thinking of upgrading since seeing my friend's.

  • Paul Bissonnette
    Paul Bissonnette

    Support for Linux was ask for back in 2012. Sena has no interest in Linux users. Make it known on any linux or MC forum that if you are a Linux user THIS is NOT the PRODUCT to BUY. Don't waste ypur money on products like this. I did and never again.

  • siim

    We'd be fine with some documentation for the communications between the computer & the units. That would allow us to create the needed application without reverse engineering and that is actually feasible. It's just way easier to find the win/mac computer/virtual environment once a year then to reverse engineer the whole existing windows application. Access to existing documentation would eliminate the need to reverse engineer and would reduce the burden of creating an open solution.

  • Jossi

    What really and truely pisses me, is the unit is updated usb, right? unit is powered right? Why don't they release a mgr. that is mounted on a usb, sell the damn thing, the usb with mgr., just plug in and downdoad, done deal....That way, every update sell the damn thing for a few dollars....A bootable usb isn't hard at all, I load systems all the time at my work....

    siim, I agree, but access to windblows???? We all know that the older systems are going down, hell, they're stopping updates for 10....I've always liked SENA....but it looks like its time for a change....yes we are a minority....find a authorized Sena dealer and let them do the update, I guess....

    We could write the software, if we had access....then linux users wouldn't have to go without....

  • Chris Hawkins
    Chris Hawkins

    Just for the purposes of saying I did it, I submitted a ticket to Sena's help desk requesting the API for USB communications to the 20S (which I'm assuming are similar to those of other models). The response was essentially "no," but was also hilariously unreadable. I'll try my luck with the USB sniffer, if I can get my crappy Windows 7 laptop to stay booted long enough to connect. My experience with USB debugging has been that the communications channels are often (poorly) encrypted between the software and device, so I'm not sure how much luck I'll have initially. If there isn't a "downgrade" option for firmware updates, I might have very few opportunities to observe transfers. Can anybody tell me if it's possible to push an older version of firmware using the device manager?

  • siim

    Maybe we'd have luck creating a bootable windows xp usb with the firmware installer distribute and just use that, it's better then nothing.

    As far as i remember, when doing the update, you'd pick the file so i'm assuming you can pick an older file and do a downgrade. I do have an OSX machine at work, so i'll check if I downgrading is possible.

    I might even have an older firmware file lying around somewhere for the 20s.

    FYI: for the guys from US, the reverse engineering could go against your local laws.

  • Etyrnal

    we have six linux machines at home.  At LEAST make a Java version that could be run on a linux (Ubuntu) box.  

  • WHK

    So in May 2012 Sena support said "We will do the feasibility of adding a Linux version of Sena manager software. We will keep you informed later."   I take the lack of further response to mean that later is when hell freezes over?

    Please for firmware update:

    • Support linux natively; or
    • Support the USB filesystem proposed earlier; or
    • Provide API documentation so the community can help itself


  • Koen Diels
    Koen Diels

    The Sena changes it's DeviceID during flashing. Which makes attaching it to a VM quiet hard. I created a workaround (for KVM), but this can be used for Virtualbox or VMware too I suppose.


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