Has Sena considered a wireless PTT button for the SR10?

I use the SR10 connected to a Midland handheld CB because my Goldwing and Harley riding buddies use CBs.  I'm trying to keep things clean on my bars because I don't like the looks and don't like the blocked view of the gages.  Also, since the CB isn't waterproof I have to protect it from rain.  I do this all by putting the SR10 and Midland CB in a small Pelican case on my tail rack with bulkhead fittings in the case for the antenna and the PTT button.


It'd be nice if a wireless PTT button existed so I didn't have to run the wire from the case to the handlebars.  Heck, I could even get away with putting the SR10 and radio in one on my side cases if there was a wireless PTT.

Thanks for providing this forum for feedback and suggestions.


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