Recharging from GPS Power Connector



  • Sena

    Thank you for your suggestion. We will do the feasibility of supplying the adapter to connect Garmin power cable. We will keep you informed later.

  • Erwin Donkers
    Erwin Donkers

    I have tested this with my Zumo 590LM and the Sena SMH-5FM. I stumbled into some issues.

    If the Sena is loading already, and you power on the Sena, it will NOT pair with the Zumo. It wil power of after 20-30 seconds.

    You will get is to work, if you turn the Sena on when it's NOT loading, it will then pair with the Zumo. If you then plug in the power it will stay paired and will stay powered on. This looks like a SW bug.

    Furthermore, it is not possible to operate the MP3 player via A2DP (stop/play/foreward) if the Zumo is waked up from sleep mode. you can only operate the player form the Zumo. You will have to cycle the power of the sena to get this working again. Also a SW bug. I reported this to Garmin also, as it's not clear in what device the sw issue is located.


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