SMH10 should control device functions remotely and needs noise cancelling for the mic.

I purchased the SMH10 to replace my Parrot SK4000. That unit was discontinued and too old to pair with by new Blackberry. My review may not be fair because I don't need intercom. I only use a GPS, phone and MP3 player.

I will start with the negatives. I was very disappointed that the unit does not offer FM radio like my Parrot. I use my bike for work around NYC all day and I primarily listen to radio. I tried internet radio, but my phone battery went dead within 1 or 2 hrs. I can only listen to MP3s on my smart phone with the Sena and only some of the music player functions are remote. I must start the player manually, but can skip and control volume with the jog dial. This is a pain because the player has stopped working a few times while I was on the highway and I have to stop to restart it. Music typically resumes after a hang up from a phone call I received, but will not restart if I made the call. I could control all of these feature using the remote control on my handle bars with my Parrot SK4000. Maybe a smart phone with better voice command software would work for the Sena, but the Blackberry apps are too limited and Vlingo doesn't work because it does not rely on the side key. You may still have problems with any voice command software because the Sena appears to lack a noise canceling feature since I can not make calls using voice command over 30 mph. I never had this problem with my SK4000 and most people could not tell I was on a bike even at 65 mph.

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