How About Programming Via Software Manager?


  I am new to the product and have searched the suggestions to make sure I don’t duplicate.  If this has already been mentioned please forgive my ignorance.

   How about a feature in the SMH10 software manager that let’s us completely program the Bluetooth unit instead of voice prompts, pressing and holding buttons, lights blinking, beeps etc. It gets confusing trying to keep up with and remember various functions. 

   When we pair up the SMH10 to our PC, it would be nice if there were an intuitive menu for enabling and disabling various functions of the unit.  This would make things so much simpler, for me anyway.

   By the way, this is an awesome company and product.  I believe it will only get better as time goes on.  A company that listens to its users can go nowhere but up. 

   This company’s philosophy reminds me of a video software company I used to deal with several years back.  They came out with an innovative, award winning product and let their customer base suggest what they wanted in the product and how to improve the product through the customer forums.  After several years of constant tweaking, the product was winning award after award at the shows and from various magazines etc.  It was taking down the competitions software that cost five times as much without effort.

   Unfortunately, the competition bought up the company and shelved the product, just to get it out of the way of their inferior product.  This was a shame.

   I’m not even implying that this is what this company will do.  I am just saying it reminds me of the hands on approach the above mentioned company had with its customer base.  It’s very refreshing in today’s market to do business with a company like yours.

   Just my two cents and thanks for building such a good product at such a reasonable price point.


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