Add an earbud connector for the SMH-5 (and SMH-10 to fix current breaking problem)

Please add an earbud connector to the SMH-5. 

But rather than add a separate attachment like the SMH-10 that is vulnerable to snapping/breaking given its location (see all the comments/concerns already expressed about this in the forums), either:

1) design a new unit that could be applied to both the SMH-5 and 10, by simply adding a small jack on the unit itself that a rider can simply plug the earbuds directly into, OR

2) provide an additional wiring harness that can replace what comes with the standard unit and have the wire harness also provide an additional wire ending with a 3.5mm plug where the rider can insert their earbud of choice.  This wire could easily be tucked into the helmet padding and still be accessible.     

This would be an option that I believe many would appreciate, would fix the SMH-10 problem as well, and in the process make SENA more money by up-selling an additional accessory that I believe would be wildly popular.     


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