Add an earbud connector for the SMH-5 (and SMH-10 to fix current breaking problem)



  • Dave Olsen
    Dave Olsen
    Any updates on this issue yet Sena? I have an SMH-5 and would like the option to use earbuds.
  • Scott Jackson
    Scott Jackson

    Here's what I made.. ear buds only but i like it.  I guess I could put a connector on the helmet speakers and plug those in when I wanted those but haven't done that yet.

    smh5 earbud adapter.jpg
  • Isaac VanHaverbeke
    Isaac VanHaverbeke

    Scott, I don't suppose you did a write-up on that adapter, did you? If Sena isn't going to make one, I'd be willing to buy one from someone else. 

  • Scott Jackson
    Scott Jackson

    I did not do a write up but super easy to do..  just don't cut the mic cable.   Cut the two other cables(which are left and right speakers) about 3 inches from where the connector plugs into the main unit.  Each cable has two wires in it.  The wire inside the red coating is right positive and the wire in the white coating is left positive.  Strip about 1/4 inch of the coating off.... the wire around the coatings in both are negative.  You only have to use one of the negative wires and both positives.  Buy a connector at Radio Shack solder the wires in and heat wrap.  I used a old headphone extension cable for my connector.

  • Paul E. Knight
    Paul E. Knight

    Sena,  I see that you did a nice job on the base plate for the SMH10.

    I think we would like to see something like what you did for the SMH10 BUT would like to bypass the MIC as well.

    In my example I have a wired headset system from J&M.  Already a ton invested in the great J&M speakers and MIC.  

    I would like to have the MIC and Speakers from the SENA SMH5-FM output to a 3.5mm 1/8 female plug.  From there I can plug into my wired system

    I could connect my iPhone to the Sena SMH5-FM thru Bluetooth and get all the benefits of the SMH5-FM for audio and bike to bike communications.  I could leave the SMH5 in my tank bag, plugged in to power and listed to IPhone MP3, FM Radio (thru the SMH5-FM),  connect up to my fellow riders Sena SMH5 riders, and make / receive calls etc using the Sena to iPhone BT connection using the already built in speakers in my Schuberth C3 with J&M speakers and mic.   

    Please email or call if this does not make sense.



  • Denys
    It would be ideal for me, if I could connect 3.5 earphones on the motorways and use normal speaker for the commute. I know some sort of adapter is avalible for the smh10 but not for smh5

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