Balance Control



  • Ajith Krishnan
    Ajith Krishnan

    Seconded! It is quite annoying to have the sound biased to one side. I havent come up with any temporary solutions either.

  • Jonas

    I have just the left-right balance after just 1 month... I tried resetting to factory defaults, but the problem persists...

    Do I need to send it back to Sena?

  • Adam Hulin
    Adam Hulin

    I like this idea. I don't have problems with my hearing but it's hard to align the speakers perfectly, which often ends up in a bit louder volume on one ear than another.

    This would solve that problem.

  • David Behr
    David Behr

    Yes, this is the only issue I have with my SHM5-FM. I ALWAYS wear earplugs and it's difficult to get them inserted perfectly equally, so one side ends up being louder than the other. It's REALLY frustrating having to pull off the road, take off the helmet etc. and try to reinsert the earplugs.

  • Crystal harvay
    Crystal harvay
    Please please please add this! I had the problem with my SMH-5 and now the 20S on two different helmets. I think my head's not symmetric which causes the helmet to shift to one side slightly. Result - sound blaring in my left ear and I can barely hear in the right. If I hold the helmet straight I can hear perfectly from both. There is not enough space to reposition the speakers so that they line up with my ears when the helmet shifts.
  • sean shier
    sean shier

    This is a must in my opinion.  Hearing loss in right ear working all my life to afford to buy this kind of stuff!  Even the simplest cheapest STEREO audio gear has a balance control!  Please add to firmware for ALL stereo deices.

    10s for me.


    Balance please


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