Sensitivity control for intercom VOX



  • Trevor Opie
    Trevor Opie

    We had this problem until we worked out that wind noise coming in from the base of the helmet was the issue. Keeping jacket collar up around the helmet mad a lot of difference. I'd suggest a scarf wound around your neck and pushed up against the bottom of the helmet might tell you if that is the problem.

  • Phil Housley
    Phil Housley

    No, actually we have the opposite problem -- no wind noise and fairly quiet bike. We have to shout to keep a connection even if we're sitting still at a traffic light.

  • Bokka

    Make sure your mic is installed the correct way round and is close to your lips. I have the foam touching my lips, and it works 100%. Even small amounts of wind noise can affect it's performance. V4.0 made a big difference. And I can't  wait to download V4.1. Can't understand you having  problems, as this  SMH 10 B is the best motorcycle aid I have. And I won't ride without it.

  • Phil Housley
    Phil Housley

    Don't get me wrong -- I'm happy with the intercom function of the SMH10. It's just that it's a good thing that it has a powerful battery because we have to keep a constant connection since the VOX is not sensitive enough to maintain a connection without shouting. I'm just asking for the ability to adjust the VOX sensitivity.

  • Sena

    We will try to figure out more on this VOX sensitivity issue. Will get back to you soon after studying more. Hopely, we may add this option later in the next firmware release.

  • Peter

    I have the same problem, the intercom connection drops off constantly during a VOX conversation. Adding some hysteresis to the VOX sensitivity would help (i.e.: you still need the same sound level to activate it, but a lower level of sound keeps it open). Of course, then you'd have to be able to tap the jog wheel to close one of the rare accidental VOX activations (usually causes by a sneeze or cough) without turning of VOX as it works now...

  • Henk

    +1 for the remarks Peter made.

    Hysteresis would be fine (or perhaps a VOX-sensitivity-level dependent of ambient-noise?).

    And sure, the possibility to tap the jog wheel to close accidental VOX triggering is a must.

    We downgraded to firmware 3.2 for that reason.

  • William Gottesman
    William Gottesman

    Testing my headsets in a quiet room, I still have to shout to get the VOX to activate.  There is a 1 to 2 second delay after shouting before it turns on.  The delay needs to be fixed, and the sensitivity needs to be adjustable.

  • Dave Limbocker
    Dave Limbocker

    +1, any updates for us Sena support?

  • Maxwell67

    Having same problem, shuts off after 20 seconds WHILE talking. The boom mike is not sensitive enough to know we are talking.

  • Alan Ayers
    Alan Ayers

    just used mine for the first time and I heard a lot of wind, kept it on I think.  Then at lower speeds it would start beeping not sure what that was.  I may see if the passenger can put it closer to her lips.  Which way is the right way for the mic?


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