Adjustable Threshold on SR10



  • Dgnewsom

    Josh, I just got in from a trip on my new GS. I read on ADVrider that the SR10 would prioritize the radar input and override intercom, which is what I'd really like to have. I used to run through the SM10, but if I was on the intercom, no radar alert. Apparently, I didn't have the V1 turned up enough as the SR10 never kick in. I'd like to see if someone else has some ideas.

  • Patrick Bradley
    Patrick Bradley

    The SR10 is JUNK , After having multiple units both of which acted up the same way. After 20 minutes or so of use the audio going through the SR10 turns to a garbled mess using it to transmit through the radio cord. SENA refuses to admit there's a problem with them and I know 5 other people who had the same problem and opted to use a different product which I have now just decided to do. SENA left a bad taste and I would never recommend anyone buy one of these units...........


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