SR10 Wired Audio Configurable Multiplexing (w/ Prioritization)

Different riding conditions and scenarios require flexibility in the configuration and behavior of the SR10. 

I would like to build on concept that  Mark Harrison's suggested in a forum thread on Audio Mixing.  The concept that I would like to introduce is customizable / prioritization options for the SR10 to function as a Audio Mixer OR an Audio Mux. Specifically regarding how the SR10 mixes and switches the (3) wired audio inputs.

Via the SR10 Manager interface, I would like to have the ability to:

1) Turn the AUX Audio Mixing ON / OFF (If ON, all audio sources would be mixed together as they are today under the SR10 v1.2 firmware functionality)

2) If Audio Mixing is OFF the SR10 will function as a Audio Multiplexor with the ability to set the priority for each of the 3 SR10 wired audio inputs individually (i.e. the 2-way radio, AUX1 & AUX2).  Conceptually, higher audio priority inputs override  lower priority inputs if simultaneous audio input signals are detected.  An optional  "connection hold" value (e.g. hold the audio input source open for n seconds after no audio is detected) would also be desirable for fine tuning beyond default values.

EXAMPLE 1: Assume a 2-way radio is connected via the hi-rose connector, a GPS on AUX1, and a Radar Detector on AUX2.

USE-CASE#1- "I Like Talking to My Riding Buddies, but I don't Want to Get a Ticket"SETTINGS VIA SR10 Manager > Priority=1  AUX2 (Radar Detector).  Priority=2 HI-ROSE (2-way radio audio).  Priority=3  AUX1 (GPS).  OUTCOME FOR THIS USE-CASE:  GPS audio directions would be heard unless a incoming 2-way radio signal was detected (GPS audio would be switched off, 2-way radio audio on), the 2-way radio audio and GPS audio would be switched off if an audio signal was detected from the Radar Detector (which carries the highest priority).


EXAMPLE 2: Assume a 2-way radio is connected via the hi-rose connector, a GPS on AUX1, and a UHF radio scanner on AUX2.

USE-CASE#2- "A Very Large Ride Event with Multiple Ride Groups, and Support / Chase Vehicles with  Radio Communication". SETTINGS VIA SR10 Manager >  Priority=1 HI-ROSE (2-way radio audio).  Priority=2  AUX1 (GPS).  Priority=3  AUX2 (UHF Radio Scanner to monitor multiple Ride Group / Support Channels). OUTCOME FOR THIS USE-CASE:  A broad range of UHF channels can be monitored ( listened to (weather, hazard, emergency, etc.), GPS audio directions would override the UHF monitored audio,  unless a specific communication was received  via the 2-way radio, which would then take priority over all other audio).


There are many other potential use-cases,  scenarios, and specific applications where riders would benefit from having the increased control over the behavior of the SR10. Specifically in the multiplexing  management and prioritization of wired audio inputs.  I believe the proposed functionality to be a desirable capability across your entire SR10 customer base, providing the ultimate in product  flexibility, and if implemented, would further sustain and extend SENA's market leading capability in the motorcycle communication integration space.

Can you provide this capability in the SR10 v1.3 release ?


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